Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The relationship shared between a brother and sister is pure and has a charm of its own the beauty of this association is present in the unconditional love and sense of sacrifice which siblings have for each other. Without any doubt this is a very deep and noble emotion. In India and many other parts of the world Raksha Bandhan is celebrated for honoring the bond of love which is present between brothers and sisters. It’s regarded as a day when siblings pray for the well being of each other and is always full of fun an excitement.  

The day is celebrated in major parts of India as sisters tie a holy thread around the wrists of their brother and brothers in turn vow to protect their sisters from all kinds of harms. A very strong and significant message is present in this which is that strong have the responsibility of protecting the weak from different types of evil. The holy thread is known as Rakhi and is given very high respect by all. You can always Leverage your Rakhi advertisingcampaigns with Stock images and this is something very appreciating. Stock images can produce a strong influence and we all know that what they are capable of doing.

Without any doubt the bond shared between a brother and sister is strengthened by the Raksha Bnadhan. The desire of social harmony is reinforced and all this contributes in making the world an overall a better place. The celebrations are carried out every year on full moon of Shravan, which is a month in Hindu Calender and generally it comes in the month of August. In simple words the festival is known as the Rakhi Festival. People also visit temples for praying and distributing sweets among friends and family members. It’s a festival, which reflects only love and affection and because of this reason it’s celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. 

It will not at all be wrong to mention that within the past few decades popularity of Hindu festivals across the globe has increased because festivals like Rakshaw Bandhan not only act as reflection of pure Indian Culture, but also spread love and harmony. Good Stock images are always helpful in promoting Indian festivals because viewers can get a better idea about the entire celebration and enthusiasm related with it.

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