Monday, 5 May 2014

In the 21st century, there are several resources and ways for a business to reach out to its potential customer base or to enlarge the existing one. Unlike decade ago, when TV, print (newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, etc.) or Radio were major mediums used by companies to promote their products (brands), one crucial addition to the marketing world has been the internet. With the advent of smartphones, every business is trying to reach out to the audience that spends the most of its time on the web. Hence the emergence of digital campaigns which have become the integral part of blood stream of most of the marketing campaigns these days.

Online presence has become the buzzword in the marketing world today and every major brand or business house doesn’t want to miss the buss. Another driving force behind the burgeoning digital marketing is the youth that is spending more and are apparently tech savvy. So, to target this potential customer market is on the target of the marketing professionals all over the globe. Having said that, it’s important that we understand one vital, indelible element of successful digital marketing campaigns – the imagery.

Importance of images in digital campaigns

It has been found that when consumers are searching for information online, very few are interested to read the huge amount of plain text. In fact, some people simply away from a page if it’s fully loaded with writing. Images adds life to the website. The modern day generation don’t believe in just browsing the website, but to experience it, inside out.

Have a customer’s perspective in your mind – while trying to engage your business online, would you be interested in reading a long piece of text with no graphics or pictures. The probability of answer being “no” is high and you can’t deny the fact.

From a visual standpoint, only text and no images isn’t much appealing. When you’re publishing content, images serve to break up massive chunks of writing, which ensures that your audience doesn’t get bored or frustrated and hop on to another site. Using the right images can boost your site’s conversion rate and help you connect better with your target audience.

Choosing the source of Images

Having custom art and images is both time consuming and expensive. Then comes the temptation of grabbing one of the Google images. But you all must be aware of the risk involved in the same. One, they might be used by many other bloggers or websites, making them unworthy of being used for your digital campaign. Two, you would not like to trapped in an image copyright issue later on that would not only derail making your digital campaign go live, but will also debilitate its overall authenticity.

Here, the Indian stock images come to the rescue. There are many companies offering good quality Indian stock images at reasonable prices which you can use for your digital campaigns, making them both authentic and customer friendly.

Martofimages has a huge library of high quality Indian stock images to choose from. Realising the importance of images in making a digital marketing campaign successful and getting the images from the right source, will help you get some place forward in the prevailing battle of gaining maximum online traffic and conversion rates for your business (company, brand).

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