Monday, 7 April 2014

Mother’s Day is celebrated all across the globe with utmost zeal and enthusiasm in order to honor the most beautiful creation of the lord almighty – the mother. The celebration of Mother's Day is believed to have begun in the United States in the early 20th century. However, it has now become a norm in most of the countries that people celebrate this occasion as way to thank their mothers for all the sacrifice they make to keep their children happy and safe, and their immense love that provides one complete peace in difficult times.

The date for celebration of Mother’s Day is not fixed across the world and different countries celebrate it on different dates. In India, it will be celebrated on the second Sunday of May this year i.e. on 11th May 2014. People from all age groups indulge themselves in the merriment wherein the children plan special parties for their mothers or present them special gifts and the mothers on the other hand, would bless them with warm wishes for their success and happiness in live. The day calls for mothers showering their ineffable love and kindness upon their children and the latter in turn making them feel on the top of the world by doing something special for them.

Mothers play an indelible role in majority of Indian product marketing campaigns as well. Be it a washing powder (soap) or any healthy food item for the kids, it is generally concentrated around the mothers when it comes to marketing campaigns. A mother character promoting a water purifier would be a common site for most of the water purifier brands. If you can grab the attention of the Indian household mother and woo her sense with your product, half of the marketing battle is over. That’s indeed the power of mothers, particularly in the Indian promotional marketing context, when it comes to daily routine household products.

Here comes the role of Mother’s day stock photos. Be it gift items, greetings or print advertising campaigns, good quality mother’s day images are always in demand. And especially around the Mother’s Day celebration, marketing campaigns automatically tend to get revolving around a mother. Print advertising is all about a perfect imagery. Clients seek only classy, attention grabbing mother’s day images for the promotion of their advertisement. The poor quality Indian stock images will not be entertained by the clients in today’s fiercely competitive world.

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Martofimages team wishes all the mothers of India a great life filled with fun and happiness.

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