Wednesday, 5 March 2014

To click some special Indian Images, summer is the best time. But during the summer time, the sun is much brighter and this includes some new challenges to photography.  If you are not careful, you will end up affecting the quality of the photo. Still you can get some great photos by keeping a few summer photography tips in mind.

Here’s a short list to get you started

1. Choose good location

When you are photographing in the months of summer, you have a variety of outdoor locations where you can take the photos. Spend some time finding the appropriate locations where you can take photographs.
Choose something that refreshes your memory of Indian Images of summer including flowers, animals and lakes, etc.

2. Use filter

A polarizing filter is very important for summer photography. A polarizing filter will not only deepen the blue color of your skies, it will also cut back on glare and reflection on everyday summer surfaces like the surface of water, etc.

3. Schedule your time

Try not to schedule your time to shoot the photographs in the middle of the day, because the angle of the sun can wash out the sky.

4. Try silhouettes

Photographing silhouettes is a good way of showing enigma, feelings and drama in your summer stock images and the sun in the summer give you the chance to try them. Subjects with a powerful and particular shape make the best silhouettes, just like the trees and figures in interesting poses.

5. Use the flash

During summer, all of the light comes from one direction. This might make people’s faces and objects dark due to shadow. The flash on your camera should always be set as a fill in flash. This will even out the colors in the photograph and get you rid of shadows.

6. Sunrise and Sunset

Most cameras do a reasonable job of metering for sunsets. Still, be aware while using auto white balance, which may try to filter out the golden tones of the setting sun. You can also try the cloudy or shade settings.

7. Use filters

Use Neutral density filters when photographing outside during the summer season, as some modern compacts come with this function.

8. Avoid harsh shadows

When there is a bright sun, it means that harsh shadows cannot be avoided. You can either use fill-flash to counter the shadows or use a reflector to bounce the light back onto the subject.

9. Shoot in raw and underexpose

Underexposing your images can produce a darker sky. If you do the shoot in raw, you can keep that tonal range, and bracket your shots to get a shot you like. Use bright colors to enhance that feeling of summer heat and cool colors to give a feel of relief to the eyes of the viewer.

10. Avoid distracting background

The background shouldn't be distracting. If you want to add some foreground interests, try blurring foliage into an out of focus frame or use something more clear such as a window or door frame and position your subject within it.

As we all know that photography is something that you will never stop learning. Try these summer photography tips to make your summer stock images memorable.

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