Thursday, 9 January 2014

Photography has an extremely important role today. It is used in advertising, magazines, science and research, newspapers and perhaps in all work areas. Without photography, our lives would certainly not be as exciting.

There’s a great deal of planning and coordination that goes into capturing the right picture. Here are a few important things to consider before you start shooting:

1. Know the style/type of photo you need and select an appropriate photographer.
2. Determine photo content and dimensions.
3.  Scout before shooting.
4. Clothing, hair and makeup. Be very clear about the type or clothing you’re looking for, and communicate.

Appropriate clothing guidelines in case your shoot involves human beings. Choose solid colored clothing, no busy patterns, no logos or licensed graphics & accessories and jewelry should be appropriate for the shot.

In Mart of Images, we frequently organize photo shoots giving stress on the quality Indian stock photography equipped with an enhanced visual appeal and smooth navigation. We have a big hub of attractive Indian images of different categories like lifestyle, business, leisure, nature, animals & birds, fashion & entertainment, religion, science & technology, concepts & ideas, or food and drink, all Indian photos.

Recently we had a photo shoot on health issues.
We’ve been pouring over inspiring images of models, all drawn to health related topics.

November shoot - (Health Stock Images)

The keys to a healthy and fit lifestyle at any age are simple: Eat Right, Exercise Regularly, Get Plenty of Sleep, Don’t Smoke, See your Doctor for routine check-ups and remember to always keep your life in balance whether at work or at play.

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Participation in sports can be another good way to improve physical fitness while adding variety to your routine. The key is to find the sport that's right for you.

Then to eat the right things in the right proportions which mean unlimited fruits and vegetables and include plenty of healthy whole grains in your diet.

December & January shoot (Random Indian Stock Images)

In these photo shoots we provide some of the images shot by our professional photographers on random topics. Check out the images here offered to you by MartofImages. Explore this vast collection and adorn your ads with extraordinary Indian images, matchless graphics, artwork and illustrations.

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Hope you love to browse the gallery of the of the biggest Indian Stock Images Seller,

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