Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The spectacle, color and crowds that are the hallmarks of Indian festivals around the world make them a great photographic subject. People dress up in their best clothes, traditional dresses and you'll find them relaxed, in high spirits and happy to be clicked. Pictures clicked at the Indian festivals can enhance your collection of Indian Stock Images.

Here are a few tips to click some beautiful Indian Festival Images:-

1. Make your Plan, Choose a Location

When you have planned to shoot Indian Festival Images, always try to do some prior research before going to the place, be it from guide books or internet. You need to make a plan of what you want to click and where you need to be to get the best possible photographs.

2. Set Goals

Before you take your first shot, try to set goals for your shoot. Of course, as the event progresses, you can change your goals. If you have a certain set of goals, you will know what pictures you really want to take.

3. Choosing your Lenses

Since Indian festivals provide us with a lot of photographic opportunities, ranging from wide angle to telephoto perspectives, hence, it is always wise to carry two cameras with two different (wide and telephoto) lenses. However, it is not a necessary condition. Bring an extra battery along with faster memory cards.

4. Panning Technique

Using zoom and pan, in ideal situations, require the use of a tripod, but it is not always practical to use one in Indian festivals. Use as high a shutter speed as you can to avoid shake on your photos. The idea behind panning is to move your camera with your subject so they are reflectively not in motion, creating a blurred background but a sharp subject.

5. Shooting Mode

It is always useful to use continuous shooting mode along with AI Focus as it will help you to capture moving subjects and candid shots. The focus mode you choose is also important.

6. Be Aware of the Background

Be aware of the background when you shoot. It is very difficult to get a clear background in Indian festivals, hence you must compose in such a way so that background enhances your shots, you may include people bathing or praying; Sunrise or Sunset, etc. It can make or break a shot, and it's just as important as the main subject.

7. Take ‘unaware’ shots

Usually, people in India are very camera friendly, in most of the cases you don’t need any permission to shoot. In fact, sometimes unaware type of shots can become more interesting and candid.

8. Have Fun and Be Courteous

Don't forget to have fun at the festival. Yes, do your best to get great shots, but if you have fun and enjoy the moment, you'll get better shots than if you are stressed out over the setting of your camera.
Be courteous to other serious photographers and attendees at the event. You won’t like to get in their way and ruin their shots for the sake of your own.
Follow these tips and you'll have all the "stuff” you need to come away with winning Indian Stock images from an Indian festival.

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